IC1101 – Kingdom of Maggots

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

The focus is primarily on the triggered sounds, perfectly designed and controlled. The melodically-pulsating line receives an aerobic touch and oscillates delicately like in dark-ambient productions. It keeps a tense cord, a whip released at times and lashing savagely the ears. More structures are superposed to define and configure strong tracks of different complexity, each embellished and chiselled with great artistry. Details are punctuated and nuanced by enveloping ambient tones. We meet the requirements for a rare artistry domesticated heavy-electronics ranging in style from anti-traditional Maurizio Bianchi to the harshness of Grunt and displaying the strength of the casual-wear industrial urge from Folkstorm.

The project makes use of strong verbal impact, samples of controversial figures and harsh rebellious vocals from the interpreter. He seems to apostrophise and condemn deviances of authority and false-moral encoders, priests, dictators, maggots.

Every track is set to target sonically and ethically a historical context that would be representative for a certain behaviour of masses or leaders. Speeches in many languages convert the musical adventure towards an inner awakening of the mind seeking now to understand under the force of the sound-impact.   Prayer; Architect of faith; The hidden path; My law, your law; Ashur is here; Kingdom of maggots; From multiplicity to unity. Power and language and their relation has a most stressing importance in mankind’s history, from religious revealed speech to the speech of authority and, in particular, dictators. And here IC1101 sounds the power of industrial music to complete the triarchy of subversives instruments of control in an allegorical confront with the natural feed-back of man’s masochist desires.  I have heard the album while exhausting myself to finish a monstrous book on dictatorship I, the Supreme, by the Paraguayan writer Roa Bastos.  Kingdom of Maggots suspiciously offers itself as an efficient attendant to such a book or other fictional similar novels and succeeds in transcribing musically a complicated mind that makes history instead of writing it.  

The debut of this Bulgarian project by Seraphim Veluvian will be soon released by Abandonment Records on tape and the album can be discovered at artist’s Bandcamp. You will notice he is behind a most appreciated dark-ambient experience Adonai Atrophia which had two albums reviewed here and here.

This most worthy heavy-electronics record should be reckon by now as a notable voice in the scene. Provocative and intelligent, it gives you a clinical perspective of the state of the art in industrial power-electronics and accounts of the methodical propaganda back-grounding the kingdom of maggots.

IC1101Kingdom of Maggots
self-released; Abandoment
MC/Digital 2019/2021

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