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Note: Don’t get upset if you won’t get a reply from us. We read all the messages, we listen to all the music you’re sending us, but with this amount of all kind of requests it is simply impossible to answer you all, guys. If we decide to cover your music, we’ll contact you one way or another. Thanks.

3 responses to “contact

  1. Hi,
    I feel I have to thank you for Your very, very nice review of our “hidden islands last year. I,m a bit embarressed for not doing it earlier. Realy nice when when I can see people dive deeper into my sounds ,and in fact so clearly express what it’s all about.I realy feel you “hit the nail”,and that means a lot to me.I also have to credit Johan and his Gterma.
    You have a great blogg!!

    Thanks for your support -/Odd / Havdis

    • Hello Odd,

      Thank you very much for your kind words 🙂 I liked your album very much, it ‘hit a nail’ with me too so from that point onward, it was really easy to just brainstorm and describe the feelings, images and ideas it brought to me. I love winter and images/soundscapes of arctic terrain!

      Plus, this type of inspiration based in nature, will hopefully be able to alert others as to its importance. It’s sad that people have just stopped connecting to it and caring about it. Makes one wonder where we’re going to end up as a species… So for me your album had a double importance, both musically and ecologically 🙂

      Friendly regards,

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