Adonai Atrophia – Metahistory

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Albums like this are likely to bring one on the verge of confusion, bewilderment, because the music is more than sound, it is a demanding interrogation of spiritual matters. The more and more you listen to the composition you feel an urge to discover beyond the intuitional reverb. This is an invitation to study and understanding, a call to lecture that “Metahistory” demands on eight tracks of the finest dark-ambient.

It is not the case here to approach academically the concepts or stories sustaining each one of the tracks. The music has its fundamental role to pinpoint the exaltation coming out the symbol, sounds are modulated into relevant descriptions of the signs and the mythic figures so that they act as a significant bias between written word and the verb in biblical sense, the spoken word.

I believe Adonai Atrophia’s magic resides on the power to signify through music these ambivalent, equivocal and mentally less intelligible esoteric concepts. Borrowing the vocabulary of the kabbalah in most of the cases or other traditions derived from Hebrew spirituality, “Metahistory” uses this sacred literature to connect to the greater tradition exposed by the school of the thinker René Guénon. The tracks are a bridge back to the sacred world, a perspective on universe bringing together metaphysics and evolution. The melodic architecture of the songs allows not only the deep sense of absorption into each nuance of the compositions but also a personal participation to the rite therein suggested.

Seraphim Veluvian is the force behind this album which was released by the Bulgarian label Abandonment Records (and later by Eighth Tower Records). The minimalist booklet respires this air of the occult to a point of little ecstasies. A face is staring in devotion to an unseen hole and burns by faith, absorbed to decipher the meanings of the sephirotic tree on the back cover. The she, infinite spring of life, might be a key to the mysteries of Adonai Atrophia. The project could easily be recognized as a bright new born star into the dark-ambient music register, for the simple reason that its author has this rare ability to express, in musical symbols, what he has seen as beautiful and significant in the “meta-world”.

Adonai AtrophiaMetahistory
Abandonment Records/Eighth Tower Records
CD/Digital 2018

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