Adonai Atrophia – Dialogues

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

The last installment of the ethereal project is in itself a dilemma and a controversial subtraction from the linear liquid of dark ambient house. If you already knew Adonai Atrophia, these Dialogues will furthermore complete an image of numerous figures stained glass regards into one’s contemplation of the self.

Musical constructions are thriving on the backbone of a difficult intimacy that connects the melodies subtly to the hearing. There is a plethora of sounds and textures which contribute to make an unique experience out of each song. “Ma’at” liberates an instant mechanical vibe of knowledge, the throbbing of some analogue gear absorbs intellect as “Fohat” exhales the same rationality out in the mist; then passing from such deep ritual ambient to the occult world-music rooted “Reunion with Poimandres” or “Essence”, a sought balance between Dead Can Dance and Raison d’Etre.

Some tracks explore the moves of the air, conducting to culmination prosperous effects of multiplication and dissipating resonance out of a hole filled back with unknown meanings. Perhaps above all Adonai Atrophia fascinates because of the shredded and ever changing skin of its musical offering, all pervaded by a recognizable substance which stays the same at its core independent of the many shapes the body takes. “Am”, a lingering prayer to detachment or “Nine to Nothing”, this serialist invocation to descent, provide this chameleonic palette, and a comfort in indulging every track as a complete new discovery.

Dialogues has strikingly adventurous textures so far from the contrived snapshots of the emerging scene. An ancient author said about the Eleusis mysteries that it was difficult to reveal their meaning because there was nothing to reveal, merely religious pantomime; such is here a completely opposite case, Adonai Atrophia, apart from the unquestionable mystic allegory, the project further ignites hope for those who still seek that which is beyond. These notes are tied together like the verses of the poetic forms, and their hidden clash on “Yliaster”, or their organic acceptation like on “Rodolphe” , proves out the repeated visions of the artist, Seraphim Veluvian, who resides behind the luxurious athanors made of synths, cables and patches and assists in wonder to the power of transformation that the sounds receives independently of the work. We are trapped in the composer’s flair for the esoteric which, when blended within his musical talent, ignites for our vision such voluptuously ambiental reveries such as “Panpsychism” or “Anima”.

After few listenings, “Dialogues” are becoming a maieutic process of subtracting the aural flow enveloping the concepts and the sounds for which the music is here vehicle. Become a part of the dialogue.

Adonai AtrophiaDialogues
Digital 2020

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