Rapoon/Lords Of Infinity – Split

[Reviewed by: stark]

The Rapoon/Zoharum affair seem to have no end. I don’t even dare to count how many albums they did together, but I’m guessing it will be around twenty releases. But this time it is a split with a Russian duo, Lords Of Infinity, of which I know nothing except that they’ve released some stuff via their Bandcamp and that they have a black metal logo even though they aren’t a black metal band. So how does a collaboration between a legend and fairly unknown artists looks like? Let’s find out. Remember though that this is a split, they didn’t do any tracks together. First five are by Rapoon, the last two by Lords Of Infinity.

First track, “Cael Ca”, and already a surprise. Robin weaves some distorted guitars into his ambient and while it’s a bit noisier than usual it still maintains the ritual character of his music. The remaining four are calmer (except maybe for “Cael Varen” where the electric guitar appears once again), atmospheric, yet sometimes a little abstract. As Robin claims: “For this split CD I returned to the origins of processes that had been there in their most fundamental form in Zoviet France. A ritualistic and shamanistic approach to the creation of music. Uncensored by intellect. More spiritual in nature than conceptual. Elemental and primordial”. And it’s difficult to disagree, they often make an impression of being based on instinct, partly – or perhaps completely – improvised, where you don’t feel a single gram of calculation. Of course all the elements specific for Rapoon are still valid on this split, that is tribal loops, middle-eastern references are present, but I feel like they’re in an even more primal and atavistic form than on the other albums. Which to be honest fits me quite well and the tracks like “Cael Dijan” or “Raging Soul” are among the best trances he did recently.

Lords Of Infinity have stolen my heart immediately with the first sounds of “Ewig Ruft Das Meer”. The trombone-esque motifs almost like heralding some sort of apocalypse, combined with overwhelming organic textures of the wind or the sea are like honey to my ears. The second one, 25-minutes long “Hidden Treasures” follows the path of its predecessor, but by adding a peculiar samples of natural provenance (chirping of crickets (?), lion’s roar) and slowly intensifying the form by adding another droning loops it drags you deeper and deeper in the heart of purifying darkness. To some degree the composition’s structure with its shamanic trance reminds me of Phurpa sometimes, but this is a ritual with human absence, it is like Nature reaching for its own self.

And I need to say this, while Rapoon keeps up its own standards, the Lords Of Infinity’s segment – especially “Hidden Treasures” – is fuckin’ awesome! Really, lately I felt a bit tired with all these drones and stuff, but the Russians have given me chills down my spine. Intense, mysterious and escapist in the perfect proportions. This is the way I like it!

Rapoon/Lords Of InfinitySplit
Zoharum, ZOHAR 223-2
CD/Digital 2021

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