LES – Anisotropic Collapse

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

LES stands for Lunar Escape System, a project from Tel Aviv. Two very talented women have been inspired by early and avantgarde electronic scene or sci-fi soundtracks. Mahorka Records from Bulgaria released this CD in 2021, in an elegant graphically conclusive shape.

The burnished electronic music of LES has much to offer and keeps you open-minded throughout the whole album (just above half an hour). Using analogue equipment as main source allows to further enhance the great musical ideas within this. In fact, the project is plainly accustomed to modulars and the real potential of electronic devices and gives us here the proof of their capacity in mastering these sound generators.

Gold bubbles bursting and hanging in the air, curving lines shifting in length and pitch, colored strips of drones responding in turns to each other and crossing pink noise stretches almost unhearable. A melody with a remarkable visual effect, it might render audible the abstractions that made possible explanations concerning time-space quantics. Actually, “Anisotropic Collapse” takes themes from Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time” and bears musically a certain movement and discipline that only abstract thinking may take.

LES – Anisotropic Collapse
Mahorka Records, mhrk283
CD/Digital 2021

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