Sol Kia – Zos Ethos

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

We have been blessed with a new project by the prolific I, Voidhanger Records. And one as experimental as it can one get. Experimental in extreme metal. Extremental perhaps, a record playing on our nerves disconcerting, hazy brain-eating tunes that absorb and deform an idea of aesthetic beauty. It is a fact that Belgian artistic visionaries mock at the boundaries of expression. Magritte, Huysmans… This is not the case here, but an attempt towards it.

Sol Kia is searching for another type of explosive melody, in the silage of what Limbonic Art imagined decades ago. Adapted to our godless times, their melody is cruel, unmerciful and raw. The singer and lyricist speaks about occult cults, Crowley canticles, versifies and sings in trance like a pontiff, alternating the obscure Black Metal tracks with ritual ambient grimoires. Music was composed by Guillaume CZLT (active in Neptunian Maximalism and Orso Kau). He is playing all the instruments setting layers upon layers of metal, industrial ambient, bombastic keys, dungeon sibilants. A very personal and bold release that could rise many eyebrows for some seeking to get something worthy out of each underground production.

Sol KiaZos Ethos
I, Voidhanger Records, IVR158
LP/Digital 2021

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