Blanket Swimming – Entering the Body By way of Window

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

This is a walk in the dawn on a deserted path where occasionally the huge rocks throw shadows.  The cold feet of the passenger grows hotter as he starts to double the pace when these shades take the shapes he once had seen inside a dream. Is it still that dream carrying on his weightless body towards a hopeless destination? The burnished drones and the humming of his heart are pumping a suffocating heat and the rocks draw nearer and more indistinct. He is now on the path leading to a conclusion he will never seize, because it could only be reached in a dream. And forgotten instantly.

Blanket Swimming has painted a musical response to the flight of the soul out of the body. We hear almost lightly massive blocks of drones that seem to detach one from another and survive only in dependence when they find again a way to connect. This cassette released through Mahorka Records offers two magical ambient tableaux of abstract painting. If the first one was suppressed of pain and imbued with an intimate reverie, on the second part through these melodies the passenger becomes the shadow he follows, no longer has he any signs for the road to take, and he floats adrift far beyond the shore of memories.

Nicholas Maloney, the man behind the project uses records, turntable, tc electronic hall of fame reverb, Hardwire cm2, Visual Sound tap delay, Mooer reecho, Boss ps6, tc electronic ditto looper, Zoom h4n Pro, Laptop, processing ( to quote the label). And the outcome will stick you to the tape recorder, the melody flows monotonously and gradually you become aware of its presence and conscious that you may be in fact that passenger who is the absent character in a dream you once had. Like the previous part 1, this melody acquires a charming grand finale that sinks deeper into you.

The project has in store many albums ( however it seems that the record from Mahorka is his first proper release and this comes as a total win.

Blanket SwimmingEntering the Body By way of Window
Mahorka Records, [mhrk186]
MC/Digital 2021

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