Lugola – You Are Not Special

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

How come that one always finds an explanation for anything and perseveres in pointing out that there is always another point of view which might be the better one? An enormous pride guides everyone with no basis but surface sniffing of the peddler. The wall of vanity is now practically impregnable. A fortress subjected to immense idolatry of the self. The supreme value of the church, humbleness, an abstract word taken into the temple of the heart when one gets invaded by puerile soap-opera emotions.

This Polish project is purely stupendous in terms of power-electronics. The best reflections from extreme electronics bands such as Deathpile, Slogun, Sutcliffe Jugend shine like through a prism at the core of Lugola. “You Are Not Special” contains abrasive textures treated in a harmonic manner, a harmony of disaster and the aftermath of disillusion, a deployment of the frustration determined by deceit, shallowness and ambiguity of the fellow man. The harsh noises are filled with the teeth grinding of a person searching obsessively truth and honesty in human relations. At the same time, all is invaded by a sense of resignation as a form of trespassing the inner conflict by means of artistic discharge, a cathartic process that functions only when the right noise structures are given shape: and they always get this shape on all the 8 exceptional tracks of the album. Like in the case of the Romanian writer Emil Cioran, this kind of composition is a method of self-therapy that never fails, in terms of both composer’s and audience’s.

Lugola has already a history of almost 10 years but this seems to be the first record on an established label, Steinklang Industries. The author, Michal “Neithan” Kiełbasa, who’s also a member of Lifeless Gaze, a ritual extreme metal drama, and Whalesong, industrial-dark-metal, is seemingly a very well trained musician for many types of instruments. You will be amazed of how capable and inventive he is within these projects.

Lugola – You Are Not Special
Steinklang Industries, SK145
CD/Digital 2021

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