O Yuki Conjugate – Equator (re-issue)

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

The musical group O Yuki Conjugate has a long history and gained a place in the hall of fame for electronic-ambient projects. It is the kind of group that deals composition with great professionalism and strong affection resulting in one of a kind outputs. They probably are another incarnation of Steve Roach, the Hermes of ambient music, their music is alive, joyful, diverse, and you know that is about a group of musicians that master well their instruments.

The album “Equator” was published in 1994 by Staalplaat and Soleilmoon and received many applause back then. It is now reissued on double-vinyl by Aguirre and on tape by Other Voices Records with additional material, an hour and 20 minutes of excellent world music that will walk you through diverse rhythms.

“Equator” will be properly enjoyed in the presence of a glass of wine. The tracks are each one greatly articulated, built brush by brush like paintings, a simplicity and tenderness of sound that renders a charming effect upon the listener. This shows a ripeness of their artistry, the musicians of O Yuki Conjugate know how to complete their instruments as to blossom into a splendid tableau of sounds and ambiances. These gentlemen have inherited their pre-raphaelit ancestors, because of the richness in detail, creative imagination, a natural sense for melody. Thoroughly good music.

O Yuki ConjugateEquator (re-issue)
Aguirre Records, ZORN77; Other Voices Records, VOX 68 MC
LP/MC/Digital 2021

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