Dahlia’s Tear – Adrift On The Edge Of Infinity

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

A project with multiple releases comprising fine examples of dark ambient. It is run by the Swedish Anile Dahl. The artist is a representative –the empowered, here and now- of Beauty and symbols. In the dark ambient genre, we meet the artist of agony, sometimes as the tremble, flickering torments of Caravaggio, elsewhere as the abstract-striking and grotesque messages of Dali. Whatever the framework, this model of an artist embraces defeat-as the inevitability of the world’s outcome and takes the shipwreck of dreams and hopes as the next metro station from where he seeks to climb again at surface, light.

Dahlia’s Tear’s musical register is a mixture of forlorn tones, grey colours, and ethereal sounds pledging for a devastating passage where life disappears. It is music for ruins, debris of the modern civilisation after having suffered its eradication. Very convincing the musical dialogue is, poignant and assured, proving for Anile Dahl an acute dexterity in manipulating the ambient sound sources.

Post apocalypse etiquette is a reflection and an extension of the romantic age here, although it is deprived of hope or prophecy. The visionary eye has closed its lid, the world crumbled and there is no one to wish for its recovery. An ocean of emptiness, a tomb of forgotten times and only a distant listener lying adrift on the edge of infinity and hearing these echoes of a somber melody. See the picture of the disc, the artwork by Simon Heath, the producer of the label that released the album this November, 2021, and listen over and over how these still waters of dark ambient sounds tide the edge of your heart.

Dahlia’s TearAdrift On The Edge Of Infinity
Cryo Chamber, CRYO 186
CD/Digital 2021

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