Various Artists – Анатомический Атлас


[Reviewed by stark]

“Primum non nocere”, is the first and superior rule for all adepts of medicine studies. I don’t know if regular folks would find this compilation not “harming”, but the post-industrial brotherhood surely considers this kind of music as having healing attributes. I’m not mentioning this without reason, because this compilation is dedicated “to the works of A. Vesalius, F. Ruysch, N. Tulp and to all progressive scientists, physicians and philosophers, who affected the development of medicine in Europe’s Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment.”

But first, a few words about the UIS label. It specializes in tape/digital dark ambient/industrial/experimental compilations. There’s one thing that distinguishes UIS from other labels, and it’s actually a great thing. Believe it or not, they are leaving the tapes in various public places in the world so that people can simply find them and take them home. For example “North Air” (UIS-005) could be found on Samoa Islands, “Koi Pond” (UIS-03) was spread around Seoul and “Grotesque” (UIS-07) tapes were left among Gustav Vigeland’s grotesque sculptures in Frogner Park in Oslo. It’s amazing, showing that money is not the most important thing here, but the idea. So, next time you’re going to work, look around, perhaps you’ll find a nice-looking tape under a tree, in the bus station or at the gas station.

“Анатомический Атлас” (“Anatomical Atlas”) has been spread on the streets of Eindhoven, Netherlands. It contains nine tracks and the majority of the projects is completely new to me. I knew only Gnawed from the US, which releases albums for Malignant Records. It begins with “Experimental Brain Modification” by Invisible Slavery, which is slowly pulsating dark industrial, not very agressive, but you feel something sinister in the air. The next artist actually has quite a cool alias, that is Carved Image Of Emptiness. I like this one pretty much, that industrialized lo-fi black doom (no, I’m not proud of that description). It reminds me a little bit of Gnaw Their Tongues and like. You know what to expect after Gnawed, don’t you? This guy, Grant, is really skilled in what he does and “Mind Cage” is a bright(?) proof of that fact. Gloomy power electronics covered in a dark ambient smoke for a few minutes bring true horror to your quiet and happy life, while RAjFAjH goes deeper in the noise areas, pressing a devastating stamp on side A of this tape.

What a beautiful contrast we have between “Chaos Quintessence” and the composition which opens side B. The melancholic reverie of “Моровое Поветрие” by Воронмрак brings to my mind the most amazing moments that Cisfinitum ever created. The biblical trumpets drive ﻗﺎﻣﺖ ﺍﻟﺳﺎﻋﺔ and its “De Humani Corporis Fabrica”, the crawling dark industrial of which has something in common with certain creations by Mz.412. Side B in general is more dark ambient oriented, because “Grave Abyss” by Zinc Room, even though it contains some industrial backgrounds, can be described precisely as dark ambient. Quite powerful, I have to admit. Evilnox’ track is rather short, which is a shame, because it was developing very nicely, again in a dark ambient vein. And the grand finale, unusual, because it’s sort of (very) dark wave, with beautiful Russian singing, slow drums and a subtle cacophony making a mess in the listener’s head.

Worth taking a listen, and for me it also had an educational purpose as I got to know about a bunch of new yet interesting musicians. The digital version is available on Bandcamp as a “name your price” release (check below). Not sure if you could still get a tape one way or another. Though if you’re in the Netherlands, go to Eindhoven and check under some rocks. Who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky!

Various Artists – Анатомический Атлас
MC/Digital 2016

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