Ab Intra – Henosis I-V


[Reviewed by stark]

Consistency is the word I would use to describe Ab Intra’s creations. Radek tries new things but never forgets about his previous releases, so there’s a link between the old and the new. “Aura Imaginalis” was a bit different, more imitative, deriving a lot from Scandinavian dark ambient of the late 90s/early 2000s. But if we take “Supremus”, the stuff from the untitled album shared with 1000Schoen and now “Henosis”, you could easily connect them with a thin, limpid, but very strong thread.

“Henosis” is monumental and powerful as hell. You can easily describe it as noise ambient, just like these older gems. But now there’s even more finesse hidden in these themes, heavy as a boulder, but always counterpointed with poignant melodies filled with drama, sadness and everlasting tragedy. Like the second track, which is possibly the most intense of the whole CD. We have the HNW (harsh noise wall) genre, so why couldn’t we protray this piece as ANW (ambient noise wall). I know that several people have already used this name, but from now on this will be my main reference for the music I’ll be identifying with the ANW term. A true maelstrom, the music of a world coming to an end. In flames and water.

I don’t know if it’s a derivative of limited technical or logistic possibilities or a conscious choice linked to the overall idea and concept of the project (I suppose the second option is actually valid), but this is once again a solely synth-based CD. No violins, pianos, field recordings or whatever other things which might work somewhere else, but would be totally unfit here.

As you’ve probably already figured out, I love it. It’s not the usual form of ambient which may be treated like background music filling the room in a non-intrusive manner. No, it forces your attention, pushes you to the corner and leaves you completely unarmed. I feel devastated and treaded into the ground, but man, that feels good. See for yourself that today’s dark ambient is not only Cyclic Law and Cryo Chamber, that its aggresive side does not equal industrial or PE influences. Even though the cover is not exactly a minor piece of art, check it, I dare you.

Ab IntraHenosis
Zoharum, ZOHAR 132-2
CD/Digital 2016

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