Where Words Fail, Music Speaks – A Compilation For Ania Mehring – out now!


So, “Where Words Fail, Music Speaks” is now online for your listening pleasure. I feel I should share some big words with you. I must admit that even though the reason me and Sylwia AKA Valentine Wiggin has decided to work on this one is very serious, it gave me a lot of pleasure, figuring out who should we invite, the conversations with the artists, pushing them on etc etc. I’m really happy that all of them have approached the subject seriously and with open heart to Ania and Maciej. The idea was very spontaneous – I remember I was riding the bus in Romania, returning from Dark Bombastic Evening festival, 20th of August, or 21th, I don’t remember exactly. I read about what happened to Ania and thought that it would be nice to do something, to help by doing what I really like. So I wrote to Sylwia, “hey, let’s make the benefit compilation for them, quick deal, without preparing it for months, there’s no time for that.” It didn’t surprise me, when Sylwia responded “I had exactly the same idea, let’s do it”. Yup, in many aspects our thoughts go in quite a similar way 🙂 We decided to hit the artists we know, like and admire, even some “big” names, so to speak. Some of them will answer, while the others don’t, but I was sure that eventually we will prepare a decent compilation, after all we had an experience from our previous release, “Attich Ebulum” which you can still find on Bandcamp. At first we thought of 30 maybe 35 musicians, but the final effect has exceed all our expectations. It’s over seven hours of music, but believe me, I listened to the whole thing a couple of times, a lot of tracks has been on repeat for many hours. I hope… no, I’m sure that you will enjoy it as much as we are. It’s ambient, dark ambient, neofolk and some experimental music of the highest quality. So please buy, share, spread the word. Let’s help Ania in her fight with that malicious fucker.

Personally I’d like to thank you Robin for your beautiful raga which I felt will be a great opener for the whole compilation. Thank you Robert for your exquisite ambient mastery. Couldn’t expect anything better from you. Same words could go to Geir Jenssen, it’s an honour to have him on board. So as you can see, the legends don’t disappoint at all. Guys from Troum, Stefan and Martin, seriously I feel shivers when I listen to their track, it’s so powerful and touching at the same time. Ketil, thank you for your dark piece of ambient which fits so nice with Troum’s offering. Peter, your “Nebulous” and “Laniakea” are still very often guests in my CD player, so I welcome all the Atomine Elektrine offerings with open arms. This track could easily find its place between “Nebulous” masterpieces. I love it. Nicolas, I’m still waiting for “Hysope” successor and if it would sound like “Amor”… well, I’m waiting even more impatiently. A lovely piece with sacral yet esoteric feeling. At first Tor Lundvall has offered a re-recording of one of his old songs. And it was very good. But on Tuesday I got one more email from him, with a surprise – a brand new composition, fragile and melancholic. A little gem. Manabu, you’re one of the very few who can mix so nicely the darkness and the ambient nostalgia. “Entwined Memories” proves it very clearly. Robert, for fuck’s sake, you’re real perfectionist. This track is polished up in each and every aspect. So guys, If you don’t know how the ideal dark, but atmospheric ambient should sound, well… now you know. Andrew, when I listen to your composition I often wonder if we’re alone. “Gravity Stupor 2” is perfect for listening while watching the stars. Shrine’s track… Christo was wondering whether this isn’t too experimental as for his standards. Well, maybe it it, but it’s also quite catchy and… good work mate, I really enjoy it. Your style is unique, but I think you know it. Rutger has delivered us an acoustic and analogue miniature which is as charming as touching to the core. Thank you.

The three track combo by Robert (Micromelancolie), Majzner (Monopium) and Leo (Niedowierzanie) takes the compilation to a more experimental direction, in my opinion these tracks sound great together as well as a single entities, original and full of ideas. After that we have Miu & K. composition. At first Jakub has sent me it under Mosstails moniker, but I couldn’t remember that name and announced it as Moosetails. Silly me. So they decided to present it as Miu & K. It doesn’t matter, it’s an intriguing fairy tale which enchanted me with the beautiful female voice. Maciek and Matt, your last effort as 7JK is much better than (still good) debut and this remix is as good as the original “Starseed” version. People, buy “Ride The Solar Tide” it’s full of hits (between the eyes). Deutsch Nepal and Varunna, it’s basically a neofolk song with a delicate industrial background. The vocal duels between Peter and Alessio are really cool, thanks guys! Some of you may not know Damiano and his Lenz project yet. Well, Damiano is our Santa Sangre contributor and also a very talented musician. “Il Mare” performed with Michele Corgnoli is probably the biggest “hit” of the whole compilation – it shouldn’t be here, it should conquer the hit lists. I love it, great work, friend.

Then we have a strong neofolk fraction. Lloyd gave us his interpretation of Joy Division classic and of course he succeeds. What a cool interpretation you made. It still has a Naevus spirit and this is the most important thing. Marcus presents perfect skills when he performs dark ambient (Vortex) as well as when he plays neofolk (MARS). Here we can see his acoustic face, charming isn’t it? Thanks, man! Do I have to introduce Tony Wakeford? I hope not. Maybe it’s recorded under his own name, but the Sol Invictus aura is hovering around this song. Tony, it’s a big deal to have you on this compilation. I know Davide for a couple of years, and I have to admit that he’s a very friendly and nice guy. I’m always surprised how under this cheerful facade he can hide so many emotions. Davide, many of your songs brought tears to my eyes, and this one is no different. After that we have the only live recording on the compilation. It’s raw, but it’s also so intense. I feel like I’m there, on this gig. Thank you sir Andrew King. And Demian, I never know what are you singing about as I don’t know Spanish at all. But I always feel the love and true honesty in these sounds and words. Thank you.

“Brexit Requiem” – I think Matt is the only musician who’s present twice on this compilation. What a significant title, no? We suport Matt for years on Santa Sangre and we’re so glad that you also supported us so greatly in this little initiative of ours. I was also happy when Michael aka DEV contacted me and offered his contribution. “Age Of Grace” is another catchy hit, in post punk vein, I really appreciate that, mate, especially that you didn’t have very much time. Evgeniy and his Cisfinitum is one of the greatest surprises on the compilation. I won’t write anything more, but if you think that it will be some ambient or industrial… “Wilkołak” will smash your expectations 🙂 Then we have Jana, who was already present on our first compilation, “Attich Ebulum”. “Ballerina” is not a Biosphere track cover, but a refined rhythmic industrial, which is very cool, girl. Thank you! It makes a nice combo with Jouni and Cecilia’s “Black Soil”. In Slaughter Natives is another big name which makes me proud to have on this compilation. Thank you, Jouni, please give our regards to Ia as well. Then we have Apoptose, I do’t know, Rüdiger, if you know, but Apoptose is one of the most important projects to me and “Schattenmadchen” is my favourite tracks of yours, along with “Vivian und Wiebke”. And the more I listen to this version, the more I’m convinced that it’s even better than original one.

Alexander from Skadi project is one of the humblest people I know, when I invited him to participate on the compilation, he wrote that, quote: “I feel almost too insigificant to even consider on contributing for it”. No, you’re not. Thank you. Kevin, Konchog and Alexey make together an amazing ritual ambient combo. I don’t know if music can actually heal, but after listening to these tracks I’m starting to believe that it might be true. We all love Nordvargr, don’t we? So it makes me really happy that he also agreed to participate on our compilation, thank you. And Marco, your track makes a perfect link between Nordvargr and the following droners. Good job! And speaking of droners, Richard (Schloss Tegal) and Matej (Phragments), you both know exactly what the darkest fraction of the genre is all about, my brain is trembling and I feel a pleasant uncomfort. Both thumbs up! My regards also go to Cristiano AKA Deison for his inspiring experimenting, and to Gianfranco for suggesting that Deison would be a valuable asset to this release. Maciej and Rafał, my two fellow Silesian comrades, they both composed a great tracks – if youwant to feel the spirit of a place where I actually live, just check them out. Panowie, bardzo dziękuję.

Thank you Miljenko and Andrzej for your meticously crafted dark ambient, it’s not a surprise to me that you both are now under the banner of the coolest labels on this planet. With Karol it was a quick business. “Can I contribute the track?”, “Yes, but it has to be unreleased and the deadline is like now”. “No problem”. Ok then, we have it and it’s cool. Dzięki, Karol. Rdslv is the brightest representative of Polish orchestral ambient and this contribution is the brightest example of that fact. Dzięki, Radku. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes disturbing are the contributions from Cindy, Mathias, Mark, Elizabeth and Ivo. Electroacoustic experimentalism at its best, guys, your music affect my ears as well as my brain. Thank you, each and every one of you. Neddal, you’re our long time friend, so I also would like to thank you for supporting our cause with your music.

I love the female delicacy provided by Leila (this time with Nathan) and Daina, two extremely talented musicians. The sensuality forged in your sounds is absolutely touching. This element is also present in Xavier’s contribution enriched by vocals by Sara. Lovely, well produced piece of ethereal ambient. Thanks, Xavier! Stefano, it is also an honour to have you here. Alio Die accompanies my music for years, in the good times, in those not so good. Thank you. And to Lorenzo as well. Enten Hitti and your soothing ambient, thank you. It’s lovely and serene. Mathias and Dirk, two ambient masters, both your tracks, one next to another, make half an hour of droning bliss. What a combo. Pär is another artist who’s as talented as humble. it’s not true that nothing happens in your track. I think it’s awesome. And Will and his Celer as a grand finale, I mean really grand as it’s an hour long. It could constitute a full length album. It’s minimal, but slowly embracing, perfect to listen in a half-sleep state.

Last but not least, our thanks go to Łukasz Łukasz Wookie Miernik for the invaluable technical support and Tomek Mirt for the lovely cover.

Again, thank you all and thank to everyone who’ll purchase the compilation. Each penny counts. Enjoy the music.

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