Renee Ruin Mix For Santa Sangre


Here’s another part of our special mixtape series, this time compiled for us by Renee Ruin, an independent music/media/fashion blogger ( Below you’ll find the tracklist and a short Renee Ruin interview by Neddal Ayad.

What prompted you to start

I’m a culture/media junkie. Whether its books, films, fashion, music, art, I’m always seeking it out. I’m definitely a bit of an Internet addict because of it. I grew up in small town where this stuff wasn’t easily accessible so the Internet really became the outlet.

I wanted to find a way to use this obsession in a way that would be productive I guess. I was an avid blog reader and media fiend. Friends kept saying to me, you should start a site or a blog etc. etc. And then around late 2008/ early 2009 I finally started The site just keeps evolving and evolving and I heavily introduced more interviews and more music elements into the site ethos in the past few years. I also release a monthly RUIN RADIO online mix tape to coincide with the website as well which has really taken off which is really satisfying. Next month’s will be curated by You’re Not Human, which will be a real dark banger.

You really seem to have your ear to the ground. How do you discover new music?

I follow a lot of record labels that have bands I dig the sound of. I also spend A LOT of time on bandcamp and skulking around soundcloud. I always lurking around the internet looking for new music and listening to bands, then checking out their labels and checking out bands that those bands like etc. etc. There’s so much music out there to find that never sees the light of day in “mainstream music culture” and to be honest that’s how I like it.

Who, that’s not in your mix, should Santa Sangre readers check out?

Wreck and Reference, The Body, Miserable

You make jewelry. Is it still available? How can people order?

I have designed jewelry in the past but more so as an art statement not necessarily as “jewelry”. The Anti-necklace collection was the personification of that ethos. Presently I’m not looking to do another run of those necklaces but wont rule it out in the future. But I am no jeweler, I am ideas person. I have toyed with the idea of working on something in this vein again but so far undecided. I’ve since moved countries and sourcing a new compatible jeweler is much more difficult. I have been in talks with an amazing Jewelry company on a collab piece we’ve been in discussion on for some time, so hopefully that comes to fruition.

Do you have any upcoming creative projects? (Music, fashion, art?)

At the moment I’m working on getting more and more interviews happening on and really upping the anti with music content and the RUIN RADIO project. I’m also really hoping to work on some new collaborations. I’ve been mostly trying to focus on adapting to life in the UK and continuing to work on my second book of writing & prose ‘Wounds Vol.2’.


1. NOISE UNIT – Agitate
3. ODONIS ODONIS – Fearless
4. CORRECTIONS HOUSE – When push comes to the shank
5. 3TEETH – Degrade
6. //TENSE// – TV Reach Me
7. CAPTIVE – Black Leather Glove
8. BESTIAL MOUTHS – Small Prey
9. SPIT MASK – Chokechain
10. UNIFORM – Buyers Remorse
11. TEAL – Misery
12. ECHO BEDS – X-Ray Vision / Cold Precision
13. RITUAL HOWLS – I’d Rather Not
14. DESTRUCTION UNIT – If Death Ever Slept
15. WHISPERING SONS – Insights


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