Revbjelde – For Albion


[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

Now I’ll admit, I’ve been chewing on this EP for a while now and there’s a very good reason: it has to do with how this band choose to issue their works. Four tracks here, another few there. Never enough to be considered an actual album. Over the course of these last few months I have managed to assemble one out of what they do and it is quite the voyage. It requires that rarest of elements to truly appreciate: patience. Luckily, I am well-versed in this particular discipline and with their newest trickle of songs I’ve managed to acquire enough of their material to begin a proper study.

Don’t envy me, this is the result of many sleepless nights with only their sounds and the cold, howling wind to keep me company.

‘For Albion’ is a release wrought out of rancor and if you don’t believe me then take a look at Albion (England) sometime and tell me what you see. They are rapidly becoming as polarized and unforgiving as we are here in the United States which is a damned shame. Now as to the music well, you have a varied palette of contributions along with some splendid ghostly vocals but as I’ve come to expect out of them no discernible method whatsoever; you could not date or place any of these tracks no matter how hard you tried or how many Mancunian youtube clips you browsed.

Revbjelde have an impenetrable mythos to them.

I have never seen them live, I probably never will but what they shove into these pieces would take most their career to achieve; now you can keep reading what I’ve typed or you can point your browser in the direction of their bandcamp and hear for yourself. Why it is that creatively burnt out husks from decades past continue to merit endless re-issues and “critical acclaim” mystifies me, what’s on display here is the real deal.

Not some manufactured fad to sell property between well-to-do fancy folk but the honest to god dirt and grit the rest of us have to content ourselves with before we pop our corks. Yeah I’ve gone a bit wide here but then so have they and so had you because if not then the entire point of this exercise has been wasted; things are not the way you’d like them to be from the outset, they must be confronted and overcome. Should you be wondering if any of the anger I’m alluding to comes through on this release, it does not. One has to be awake first to hear the call.

RevbjeldeFor Albion
Buried Treasure
Digital 2016

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