Voices Of The Cosmos – Interstellar Space

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Despite its immersion in the dark-ambient commonly known style, Voices Of The Cosmos diverges from the minor-key tenebrous atmospheres of the genre. Their understanding of the musical approach has been rooted into an expression of space sounds collected and redeployed in a manner pertinent to express the objective strangeness of extra-terrestrial melodies.

The artists use recordings from the outer space to which they add colour and texture, so that the   signals received by radio telescopes are being restructured as to reimagine and rescale for our mind easy-digestion impressive tableaux or prominent and fascinating musical allegories to the spectacle of pulsars, magnetic fields of planets or the Sun. The four tracks, Aurora bis, Masser Emission, Six Pulsars, Methanol Flash explore and conquer territories of an unknown origin.

Interstellar space is in fact a project collaborating with astronomical institutes. The two Polish interpreters, Rafał Iwański and Wojciech Zięba are lasting adventurers in the search for alien space music and the salience of their achievements has to be regarded seriously as a continuation of the Darmstadt composers and a primary socio-cultural reference for modern acoustic-electronic music.

The present album is an effort made by two avant-garde labels, Gusstaff Records (Poland) and Eter Records (Sweden). Melody is elemental and austere in general evoking the sense of mystery that envelops yet un-encountered realms. It is based on pulse and textures and sounds like nothing on earth, thus acquiring an emotional response from a dazzled auditory. After the 3 sessions called Voices Of The Cosmos 1,2,3 and Solar Sequences, the Polish project strikes again in 2021 with full out-wordy charisma regaling us a beautiful record.  

Voices Of The CosmosInterstellar Space
Gusstaff Records
, 22020
LP/Digital 2021

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