Voices Of The Cosmos – Solar Sequences

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Solar Sequences has been released on a limited 10”vinyl by Don’t sit on my vinyl in 2020.

The disc opens with Geomatic Hiss, an apocalyptic industrial recitative, with the flavour of a dramatic vision and continues with Radio Borealis, treating radio bursts and reshaping them into a dehumanized chorale, a vaporous weeping of some debris from a barren earth. Lastly, the Solar sequences track develops further a certain disturbance that accompanied the disc so far. The drone-like funeral fanfare is equally hunting and gripping.

The sheer sound of Voices Of The Cosmos will continue to draw listeners especially eager to separate from incongruous and now obsolete aspects of ambient music. Assuredly fresh and ingénue, the work of the polish project stands as a lighthouse at the shores of this musical genre and a magnet to attract newer soundscapes in their field.

Voices Of The CosmosSolar Sequences

Don’t Sit on My Vinyl!, SIT 265

10” EP/Digital 2020

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