Dark Awake – Hekateion

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

The Greek project Dark Awake has acquired a strong reputation in the past years, proved by the many albums released on known labels in the dark ambient underground. “Hekateion” comes out in 2020 via Aestethic Death, a label with very heterogeneous tastes, releasing already Endvra, Fleurety, Lux Occulta, Esoteric, Lucifugum…

“Hekateion”, a panegyric for the goddess of witchcraft, assembles ritual music, not the kind of structured evocative chanting songs, merely a musical mirror reflection of a personal understanding regarding discursive or (perhaps) active magic.

It goes hand in hand with a parallel reading of myths surrounding Hekate, the abyssal nudity of the goddess, her dies sanguinis or any other form of worshipping the deus ignotus. Shelmerdine who acts as magus behind the console of the project projects outside a whole world of alchemical symbols which are saved from our interpretation because of the titles in Greek language. Or maybe the female voices by Sekte could shed a light upon the hidden text.

You have to request this album and hear it out (for listening to it would be a very different process) and let the atmosphere accompany an occult lecture (maybe the blur portent in Gustav Meyrink’s scribbling) or the wandering of imagination when sipping a dim wine.

Dark AwakeHekateion
Aesthetic Death, ADCD 073
CD/Digital 2020

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