Conjecture – V

[Reviewed by stark]

After “My Body, Your Temple”, this is the second collaboration between Bulgarian label Amek and Greek project Conjecture. I remember that tape was simply ok, nothing more, nothing less, while this one pleases my ears and synapses more effectively.

“V” gains my attention with the very first track, “Ύπνος”, surprisingly dynamic, I’d even say subtly reminding of the 80s sci-fi soundtracks, but still moistened with an industrial dirt. I’m not quite convinced whether the adjectives like “cinematic” or “illustrative” would satisfy the musician as the label says that ““V” is an anti-body statement. The individual’s disengagement from the human body and from all kinds of physical hypostases is portrayed through unconventional industrial sound forms.” I’m not sure if I get the concept, especially that to me it has a very “mechanical” character, it’s almost cynical in its soullessness, but it doesn’t really disturb the reception of this LP, which – throughout the following five tracks – is very positive.

The album constantly keeps your attention, juggling with different layers and forms of sound: experimental noises and glitches, bombastic rhythmics, deep drones or cosmic melodies. Each of these elements has its five minutes, but most of the times they all push forward through the tracks together, hand in hand. And how the Greek musician is maintaining everything under control, not letting the compositions to fall apart is apparently the most fascinating and impressive things on this album. You have the impression that it may explode at any minute, but it never does. Check “Τέφρα” for that matter, probably my favourite fragment of “V”.

Does the album have any major flaws? Not really, perhaps I’d use some organic breath here or there, because “V” is pretty dense and “dry” (if you know what I mean), though it’s just my personal feeling and if the musician’s idea and vision was different, that’s fine too.

It has been released on vinyl in 275 copies, but you may also purchase a digital copy on Amek’s Bandcamp.

Amek, amek033
LP/Digital 2019

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