Goregäng – Neon Graves

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

A new American death metal project, formed by the guitarist and drummer that play in the Swedish pretty known band Ribspreader. The drummer, Jeramie Kling, pumms as well for Infernaeon or The Absence, but here he sings and plays guitar. Taylor, who plays guitar for Ribspreader, Infernaeon and The Absence, takes care for the drums. So it is very unlikely they have time left for cuisine, doing laundry or walking cats in the parcs of Florida.

Fortunately, they ought to have found a home-delivery for under 6 degrees alcohol beers that stimulate their appetite for a straightforward form of thrashed death metal. Their 12 tracks running wholly under 35 minutes are infused with sincere energy and fondness for a good almost vegan portion of unpretentious metal. The sound is tight all around and the songwriting accurate and even polite. If you undress Unleashed off their melo-Swedish garments and throw on some teutonic thrash-metal like toggery it might sound as Goregäng does. Moreover, Goregäng are a counterpart of their european adoptive mother project Ribspreader, playing quality librarian death metal that can be taken as a pocket-book on your way to countryside.

Neon Graves has been released (even on vinyl) by Transcending Obscurity Records which is a strong recommendation for new outfits like this, the artwork being made by Juanjon Castellano (Nattraven, Revel In Flesh) and Turkka Rantanen (Demilich, Demigod). It is worth taking a look at Goregäng with a rational reserve regarding the type of beer you enjoy while doing it. Take the strongest one!

Goregäng – Neon Graves
Transcending Obscurity, TOR60
CD/LP/Digital 2019

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