Deafkids – Metaprogramaçao

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Deafkids last output will appeal to a wide auditorium, their music is primary authentic and refreshing, like a rewriting and synthesis of industrial extreme metal, post-punk and noise-ambient as melting genres on the same novel.

This is their third full-length, the first released under Neurot Recordings, the house where presently Neurosis, Dark Buddha Rising, Amenra or Ufomammuth share the same kitchen…

They come from Brazil and put a long emphasis on rhythmically chewed out melodies that borrow the frenzy and evilness of voodoo rites. Like most projects from South America the mark of individuality is strongly rooted in the exotic nature of this ethnic diversity. To the manifestations of bloody visceral Christianity, native magic of the indigenous people and the primitive ancestral African beliefs, they add the new aspect of technology, this new challenge to the spirit of the individual.

It began like a follow up to the album “New Era Viral Order” by TMK and on the way the album caught and revealed such rich, adventurous and eccentric metal arrangements and electronic layers that other comparisons were dusted out inside the hallucinated brain of the reviewer. The tracks cry and whimper over the ears and they infuse the air to such an extent that one wishes to play them again and again to grasp their full potential. They have been contacted by Steve from Neurosis (patron at Neurot Recordings) to release the album at his label, that should suffice to outline the value of the project.

That being said, everyone should check out Deafkids “Metaprogramaçao” and experience a new fresh outlook of modern music.

Neurot Recordings, NR113
CD/LP/Digital 2019

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