Space Aliens From Outer Space – Nebulosity

[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

There’s nothing nebulous about this record, let me tell you. While the subject matter may be cosmic, the aim and intent could not be clearer: subversion. As a matter of fact, if you take a look at the clip they’ve uploaded for the song “Trajectory” you’ll doubtlessly note as I have that crowd gathered are being programmed to spread the message these extraterrestrials have crafted with loving care; they are not ones to take the easy route, even if they have added a drummer to the line-up. As with their debut, these beings won’t stop until you’ve been reduced to playing their work to the exclusion of everything else.

I’ve spent these past ten (or has it been longer) days going over what ‘Nebulosity’ contains and between the odes to comets and litany of interstellar objects it would seem they have broadened their arsenal; previous songs didn’t quite have the fluid dexterity these eight demonstrate nor were the vocals so strident. Tempting as it might be to categorize this as a manifesto it is not one, rather they are detailing their experiences en route to us; theirs is that peculiar flavor of alien which does not reveal itself openly or with any ostentatious display of power.

You must enter their lair in order to understand, one which is rich with ornamentations both concrete and surreal. Elements of computerized design are in evidence alongside technological marvels like “Propulsion” which delivers a fat bassline and showcases their newly added member’s ability to become a second skin to it. This is, naturally, overlaid by emphatic vocals that speak of evolutionary progression pollinated by the seeds romance:

“Nuclear reaction, physical attraction, stars disperse, universe, modulate, oscillate.” By your command.

Are we becoming more like them or is it they -despite their baleful intentions- who are soaking up traits of humanity the longer they are here on Earth. Of course, Space Aliens From Outer Space would not be who they are if they didn’t muddle that issue by way of an instrumental such as “Particle Horizon”. Just as they did with “Dark Matter” off of ‘Invade’, our visiting friends set the stage and dim the lights to bring out galactic majesty which seems to be unending; it is as though they took a mere slice of where they come from and parsed it out in such a way that our limited human minds can comprehend.

For the record, the background in that video they’ve posted I’m fairly certain is a holographic projection direct from their mothership. The intergalactic exchange program has begun…

Space Aliens From Outer SpaceNebulosity
Escape From Today/Cheap Satanism
LP/Digital 2018

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