Egida Aurea – Live a Parigi

wykrojniki digipacki BAK nr P0194.cdr

[Reviewed by: Damiano Lanzi]

Egida Aurea come from Genoa, a city that through the centuries has been considered the door to the Mediterranean Sea and a crucial point for commerce, harbouring all the cultures of the Mare Nostrum. It’s no coincidence that the music coming from this city is also open to contaminations from French, North-African, Balkan and Middle-Eastern music. Just think about a masterpiece of world-music such as Fabrizio de André’s “Crêuza de Mä” or the band IANVA.

Egida Aurea recover this Mediterranean musical tradition in their song structures, using a widely acoustic and folk instrumentation. “Live a Parigi” gathers the main part of the first album “La Mia Piccola Guerra”, one song from “Derive” and another from the first EP “Storia Di Una Rondine”. The band has partly abandoned the dark, synthetic and martial elements of their early sound, in favor of a more genuinely folk attitude, that certainly ensures more energy while playing live. All the members of the band work well together and there are no insecurities in their performance, but the central element of their sound is Carolina Cecchinato’s nostalgic, old style voice.

The set begins with the wonderful “La Mia Piccola Guerra” a gloomy yet belligerent song, enriched by lines of accordion and an entrancing guitar tremolo. The Mediterranean folk music influence is evident in the instrumental “Praepotens Genuensium Praesidium” featuring an intro played on bouzouki by Davide Bruzzi and an enthralling Balkan section where Diego Banchero’s fretless bass follows the frenzied melodic line. The title is taken from an inscription on the Empty Tomb of Jerusalem, in memory of the Genoese people that carried from the Holy Land back to their city a relic related to the myth of the Holy Grail. The funny “Russian Medley” shows their ability to speed up the beat and make enjoyable music that you can dance to.

Then it’s time for “Egida Aurea”, a piece that with its lyrics and its solemn guitar theme makes me think about the early works of the historical Italian new-wave band Litfiba. In “Epifania Di Una Chimera” the alternation of different styles and tempos recalls progressive rock. This tune is sang by Marina Larcher, whose backing vocals and harmonies play an important role through all the rest of the concert. “Memorie di Gesta” shows some similarities to classical Italian protest songwriting, while “Il Passo dell’Esule” is the most rock moment of the set with its fast, technical guitar solo in the coda. The tracklist closes with the remarkable melodies of “Il Congedo” and a song from the first EP “Storia Di Una Rondine” in an extended version. A well played and well recorded live performance, that shows a more incisive and powerful side of Egida Aurea: a good direction to follow in their future productions.

Egida AureaLive a Parigi
CD 2014

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