Some Truths – Low Point X


[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

The more I try to define this one, the further away it slips and the harder it becomes to corral. So I’ll stop.

This is the fourth and final cassette installment of the epic cerebral meltdown which Some Truths have been plugging away at since 2011 and it does not let up. These six exhibits of free-form creativity move about with demanding, sometimes exasperating, unpredictability. There’s a live session he did on the tube which is a fairly good representation of what this project is all about. Someone once told me it’s like watching a sonic switchboard in action. I’ll go one further and say that that switchboard is overloading and the tilt moment isn’t far off. Flashing lights, twitching cables, single-minded purpose with steely resolve.

There was a kind of open handed, wide eyed sense of wonderment in the other three albums Some Truths did in this series but “Low Point X” is characterized by a nihilism which is going to catch you completely off guard. I definitely was not ready to get broad sided by the kind of malevolent material that’s jumped up and down on my grey matter giddily for the past couple of weeks. Would anyone be? Does even the man who did this realize what kind of monster he has birthed. Forget the noise which some still cling on to as though it’s a lifeline out of the sugary morass of popular culture, Some Truths are both the beauty and the beast.

Jekyll and Hyde don’t hold a candle to this. You could at least reason with one of them, but the meaning of this project has never been clearer. Nor has it ever been this fiendish. When those who first envisioned and then designed modular synthesis sat back to admire their creations I doubt they saw this eventuality coming. No one could have, again I have to go back to the one who did this and ponder how he pulled it off. Each of the cassettes he’s done have had their peculiarities, no club could ever dream of playing them.

However, when it punches through to the other side so violently even I have to tread carefully. I spend quite a bit of time in my own personal laboratory inventorying these sorts of artists, nothing is too strange nor is it beyond the realm of comprehension; “Low Point X” has tested the constraints of this reality as few other things have. Deeper meaning, deeper understanding… don’t bother trying to reach those noble, lofty plateaus. The purpose of what’s going on with this fourth episode is becoming clearer to me: exposition of the absolute nadir, a museum of arcane excursions. Rebellion against all forms of musical expectations has a flag to rally ’round. You’ll be alright, but watch those corners.

For as long as he’s alive, this will never end. You see, he uses numbers for track titles and as we all know… they are infinite. Enjoy working that one out and understand that the chaotic mania you’re feeling inside your skull is what he’s put on tape. About as pure of a logic as irrational humanity could hope for, which explains why so few listen.

Some Truths
Low Point X
Magic And Dreams, MAD 032
MC/Digital 2013

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