Un Regard Froid ‎– Palinodie (Anticinéma)

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Anti stands as a positive statement, against all odds in this case at least. To rebel against all that comes unnatural to life, “Contre tous les traîtres, tous les lâches, tous les policiers, tous les artistes…” is to embrace (with healthy cynicism) the joy of living. “Nuisance et ressentiment. Joie de vivre et fanatisme.” is being written on this project’s Bandcamp, two extremes, -spleen and ideal- contradictions that trigger the setup for Palinodie’s artistic expression. Un Regard Froid breaths within the cluster of a much debated genre, power electronics, sharp rhythms, vigilant electronics twisting and agonizing, shrieked annoying vocals. A clean production, zenith pitch, aural gain, this album is breakable, bear it to the end and it will smash in pieces, every one slicing your flesh, eyes and ears.

Anticinema provokes from the beginning, it grows track after track to become a sufficient force within itself, an instrument of extirpation removing moral tumours that society has been cultivating to keep man’s true nature on leash. The compositions range different styles, despite the common virulence and brutality of sound’s outcome, Un Regard Froid proves a genuine penchant to extreme electronic music and can please a dedicate auditorium. One will not be annoyed, the movie set has been smeared with dirge ambiances (Palinodie), scornful industrial menace (Ombilical), Deathpile-esque vicious magma (Affirmation), virile bull rage (Famille), ponderous noise-cantatas with Theologian hue (Position), savage folk panophobya (Un à un), harsh disastrous noise (Le mal). Every title is meant to be a deconstruction, anti-image, of a movie which is mentioned in brackets.

Un Regard Froid’s voice is abrupt and sententious. He attacks those entangled in their own game of passions, ridiculous concealment of vices, endorses the ethos of universal evil (one can approach in this respect another sadistic oeuvre written in another genre Paragon Impure’s Sade). The project is born in Montreal, Québec, writes and shouts in French, the language of revolution and apostasy. The text is sort of a ferocious declamation, built on a cult for cruelty, akin to the style of De Maistre, author of a punishing literary work, a text undermining the rational illusion of democracy to which he opposes “the basest instincts of atavistic lust” (Bandcamp).

“Palinodie (Anticinéma)” appears at Cioran Records in edition of 66 copies, 16 pages booklet which will help you to discover an impressive record assembled under Emil Cioran’s thought “L’homme n’est personnel que dans la haine”.

Un Regard Froid ‎– Palinodie (Anticinéma)
Cioran Records, CIORAN004
CD/MC/Digital 2018

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