Jemh Circs – Jemh Circs


[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

This short, yet succulent collection of electronic subversion kicks off with what sounds like a blood vessel bursting inside a world completely composed of neutrons, protons and errant electrons. From there Jemh Circs exhibits some truly bizarre textures; boundless, vast chambers float up against and then through chaotic storms of signal processing which break down the boundaries between solid matter and uncontrolled, malevolent bursts of anti-matter. You could view this album as what happens when the soluble and insoluble run directly into one another without any regard for who or what gets completely obliterated as they fight for dominance.

Should that not make sense here’s another approach: imagine combining equal parts oil and water in a glass and then stirring with dynamite. With me now?

This entire record could be mathematically described as a series of improper fractions teetering on the edge of collapse; your perceptions are not to be trusted nor can you assume what you’re hearing will go where you expect. If ever there was an example of paradoxical electronics then this would be it; so many of the elements involved usually do not work together and yet here they do. I apologize if I’m ranting here but this one has about pushed me to my wits end; the guy who authored it can take comfort in the fact that this does NOT sound like anything else being done in the underground at this time. What’s most insidious of all is how placid many of the tracks on here initially present themselves.

Ah, but you mustn’t let down your guard because things shift and sway at a ferocious pace. I’m still amazed by the amount of variance jammed into these compositions, it wouldn’t surprise me if the track titles to this form some kind of shadowy invocation; you can probably tell by now that ‘Jemh Circs’ hit a few nerves.

If you’re up for a challenge and don’t mind a bit of neural vexation then check Jemh Circs debut out, odds are you won’t be having this much fun trying to re-assemble your frontal lobes with much of anything else this year. If the underground were a liquor cabinet then this little beauty would be that dusty bottle of scotch at the back that hasn’t been opened since it was placed there. I don’t even know what kind of ambient music you could call this as that is where it’s base is primarily drawn from… perhaps pernicious. That will have to do because I’m out of vocabulary to encapsulate things.

Jemh Circs – Jemh Circs
Cellule 75, CELL-1
LP/Digital 2016

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