about us


Przemysław “stark” Murzyn: founder/co-owner/reviewer

My name is Przemek, I was born in 1979 in the industrial city of Katowice. In the times before Santa Sangre I was the reviewer for such Polish magazines as Apostazja, Beast Of Prey, Kaos Ex Machina. Eventually I decided I want to start something on my own and be my own boss. At first, Santa Sangre was supposed to be my personal blog in Polish language only, but Sylwia joined me almost immiedately and it quickly turned out that this has the potential to be something bigger. I have ups and downs concerning the page, but it is somehow my/our baby and I can’t abandon it. On the contrary – I hope Santa Sangre will be constantly growing and developing.

The music is one of the most important parts of my life. Lately I also try to compose some ambient stuff myself – nothing serious, at least for now, I just put some sounds together in Ableton and post it on my scrapbook soundcloud site. It is fun and an interesting experience as well. Apart from that I watch a hell lot of movies. I like football (the real, European one, the one you Americans call “soccer”), travelling, sitting in a pub until late night hours, my girlfriend, my three lovely cats… That’s it I guess.


Valentine Wiggin: Co-owner / PR & Promotion/Journalist/Video artist

My bound up with culture dates back to my high school times when I hold the President of Committee on Culture position in Youth City Council in Polkowice. Four year experience in organization of concerts, events, issuing poetry had a powerful impact on my further life. After moving to Poznan and finding the right people I restarted my cultural acivity together with Apostazja Magazine. That was a time of getting to know the scene and people connected with it, through festivals organization, traveling, recording videos and writing. But like it often happens to those who have a restless soul, together with Przemek – the main Apostazja reviewer – I decided to start new chapter and launch Santa Sangre Magazine.

Later on, in Summer 2012 I moved to Bremen in order to start a new life. And so, since almost three years I truly follow my heart, consistently overcoming obstacles and facing new challenges. Connecting to people who bear this same melancholy within themselves – the only thing that can save us from madness.


Peter Marks: reviewer

I have been a member of the press for over 20 years and cover a wide range of styles. As long as what I’m hearing is good, I’ll look into it. Regardless of sound or label alignment, it will get a fair,accurate (and hopefully insightful) review. I’m no great fan of scenes or excessive visual presentations, I tend to prefer the more obscured experimental works which are out there. Having said that, I grew up in the 80s and have extremely fond memories of that time. Deviant music thrived then and I still listen to it often.

I’ve written for many other places some of which I enjoyed at points but seeing what they’ve devolved into I don’t miss any of them. I do not do guaranteed content. Album ratings are for those who would rather react than read. It’s a real treat not to have to do them anymore, they encourage only the lowest common denominator.

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The stranger the music is, the better I like it. I am very proud to give ink to individuals and groups who don’t do what they do out of ego. At the end of the day, the results are what matter and this more than anything else is why I write about the people I do. The individual in this world is given lip service with regard to their importance; one who has the vision and courage to see it through no matter where it leads is who I’m paying attention to.

I enjoy gardening and long walks with my girlfriend in the wilds where few go and am an avid reader who favors the work of Tolstoy and Ballard; Dumas, Dickens and Gogol are additional favorites, as is the ever engaging Jack London. Having left the city behind for good a few years ago, I have learned to truly enjoy the silence.


Damiano Lanzi: reviewer

I was born in 1988 in Sansepolcro, a town in central Italy which name means “Holy Grave” and I was raised amidst the uproar of textile machineries in my parents’ factory. With such a background, it was natural for me to develop an interest in obscure and noisy music. I’ve sung and played guitar, bass and electronics in several projects, including Paranoia Go Go (post-punk) and Gordon Cole (spoken rock). Unfortunately I never get along well with anybody about writing and recording music so I ended up starting my own solo project LENZ, aided by Lidia Manzano, anagram of my name and fictitious drummer/producer. My first album “De Fault” was released in 2013. My days are split between musical activity and my paid job as a salesman, causing me some serious issues of dual personality and ethical concerns, but at least it’s a good inspiration for lyrics.

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