Caverna Delle Rose – Elysian Chants

[Reviewed by: stark]

Although Caverna Delle Rose is a fairly new band, the names of projects the musicians were involved in the past may still evoke a pleasant tingling among fans of postindustrial/neofolk/neoclassical sounds from the turn of the century. Allerseelen, Northgate, Camerata Mediolanense … Yes, this is a new offer from talented and experienced people.

What we find on “Elysian Chants” in the simpliest words can be described as ritual music. But rather not the kind that has a subordinate form for a particular ceremony, serving as one of its component parts, but rather has a historical and cultural studies character – this is the idea behind the project: to explore the essence of the ritual on a series of releases, it’s importance throughout the centuries, in the religious, historical and anthropological aspect. And “Elysian Chants” is the first installment of this ambitious endeavor, the most ancient one, as we find eight interpretations of “The Hymns Of Orpheus” sung in Ancient Greek, although in the booklet you’ll find XVIII-th century English translations.

AimA Lichtblau, known for her collaboration with Allerseelen, recording an album with The Illusion Of Silence (which we’ve also reviewed in Santa Sangre), also being a member of great, underappreciated Les Jumeaux Discordants, is responsible for the sung parts. It can’t be denied that her vocals, chants and incantations play the main role here, quite clearly corresponding to the manner of Lisa Gerrard. It may not be the most original comparison, but it’s simply impossible to hide the inspiration of a legend. I don’t see anything wrong with that. The instrumental side accompanying AimA, although it has the taste of ancient tradition, is arranged in a rather modern and accessible way for a contemporary listener. It’s based on synthetic sounds, generously treated with reverb, sometimes even a bit too much, but it’s a matter of taste.

It may not be a very original music, but listening to “Elysian Chants” may be quite pleasant. The album is competently arranged, intriguing and breathing with ancient mystery. Welcome to ancient Greece.

Caverna Delle RoseElysian Chants
Slaughter In Art, SIA 009
CD/LP/Digital 2021

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