Rites Of Fall – Floodwaters

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

From its very first tones, Rites Of Fall’s score shows a robust and rich ambient music. The dreamy and reflective passages are intermengled with a martial mood that reflect a poignant take upon the gloomy overall spectre of music.

Rites Of Fall is the creation of a Polish artist, Bartek Kuszewski, helped by Kuba Sokolski on cymbals. “Floodwaters” is greatly composed, having a beautiful sense of melody, plenty of colour and shiftings, thus taking distance from usual ambient tracks that rely on a single beat. Actually this project belongs to a different approach to atmospheric music and includes electronic and industrial ambiances which positions the overall sound to a different standard. You might even think of Jean-Michel Jarre more softened side or a Carpenter Brut’s mirrored delicate reflection.

“Floodwaters” delivers us a substantial musical impression, a tapestry from persuasive, well organized and beautiful textures arising an intimate resonance within ourselves. The label Leidforschung from Warsaw released this album on cassette in November 2021 giving a chance to discover this present record and another creation from Rites Of Fall, the previous album “Towards the Blackest Skies”.

Rites Of FallFloodwaters
Leidforschung, †1803
MC/Digital 2021

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