Alkuharmonian Kantaja – Shadowy Peripherals

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

A poetic work reveals posthumously its true value and impact upon fellow reader. Perhaps we accept deep marks and influences (in the artistic milieu) only from a distance, and what is greater a distance than Death. The work of Alkuharmonian Kantaja seems to be placed between dreamy existence and the realm of shadows, where Hades is the ruler over senseless figures. The band has little of the aura enveloping histrionic manifestations in this kind of music and this feature makes it terrible and compelling. Alkuharmonian Kantaja becomes an entity, a subtle force reeking at the surface of your brain to let open the monsters that reside here within.

On this very inspiringly titled album we find musicians’ own thoughts, riddles and wanderings of the spirit through intricate constructions of the mind.  Musically, it is the work of a forger that deals with delicate matter, cuts into crystals using elegiac Black Metal acid and builts lyrical expressions of deep sensibility. For the careful listener, the shock of awakening and the sweet caress of the melody, a surrealistically-charged dramatic lecture, these lines pervaded by emotion and tragedy; for the critical eye, blinded by typical malice, a plaintif copy of past bands.

The Finnish project released this adventorous album through I, Voidhanger Records. Alkuharmonian Kantaja consists of three musicians from the far north of Oulu, Finland, home of other marvellous projects like Dolorian or the Aural Hypnox home of dark-ambient.

Alkuharmonian KantajaShadowy Peripherals
I, Voidhanger Records, IVR166; Korpituli Productions, KTuli002
CD/MC/Digital 2021

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