Væv – Drømmenes Spejl

[Reviewed by: stark]

Although Scandinavia is one of the world centers of dark electronics, Denmark clearly doesn’t go hand-in-hand in the number of dark ambient recognized artists (or artists in general) with Sweden or Norway. To be honest, I’d really have to strain my memory to recall the last time I heard any dark ambient from Carlsberg and Mads Mikkelsen’s homeland.

Like Don Quixote, alone, in defense of the drone honor of his homeland, Væv arrives, a new project which I know nothing about, except that he’s, well, from Denmark, obviously. The word “væv” means “web”, and “Drømmenes Spejl” is a very personal musical journey into oneself, created in a difficult period for the musician as a peace and calmness bringing remedy for stress and depression. It is probably a common case among introverted artistic souls that they seek the soothing of the soul in dark and sad forms, accumulating them in music, giving them shape, sense and meaning.

Indeed, it seems to be very intimate, not trying to operate with a deep, epic drone or painting vast spatial landscapes, although such track as “Troværdige svigt” strongly resembles Kammarheit’s “The Starwheel”. But as a whole, in some way Væv seems to correspond with other works by Par Bostrom, those seemingly more modest and personal ones, such as Hymnambulae or Bonini Bulga. Perhaps it is this intimacy that makes the album worth listening the album at a very low volume level. Even at the cost of losing some sounds or sonic or compositional nuances. Because it is about the atmosphere, the introvert emotions, not the technical aspect, though obviously it’s also very solid. The musician skillfully uses the attributes characteristic of introspective dark ambient forms, no cosmos, post-apocalypse or occult rituals. Just you and Væv drones, sometimes broken by a gloomy melody, a slightly post-rock soundscape or even an echo of a melancholic saxophone (or its electronic imitation), like in “Harpokratesprotokollen”. Nevertheless, this album had the most impact on me when I listened to it in the dark, very quietly, in harmony with the sounds of the building I live in. Somewhere, I felt this urban loneliness, which, however, paradoxically surrounds you with a kind of warmth.

So the album works as well as it should work in my eyes. Væv is a new name that will definitely stay on my radar for sure.

Væv – Drømmenes Spejl
Winter-Light, WIN 039
CD/Digital 2021

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