Krol’ & Majdanek Waltz – ♄ (Сатурн) [Saturn] EP I

[Reviewed by: stark]

Knowing Majdanek Waltz’s earlier achievements, this collaboration may seem quite surprising. This experienced band is rather associated with neofolk , sometimes tinged with experiment or dark ambient, while on the co-created with – also Russian – Krol, although the stylistic dispersion is quite broad, the mentioned genres just mentioned seem to be in retreat.

At the beginning, this EP sounds quite confusing, because not only we get the sounds from different musical worlds, but also they often overlap, causing a slight cognitive dissonance. However, this impression quickly passes and when we get use to it, eventually we receive an interesting, sometimes quite original and promising production that doesn’t have much to do with the darkness and sadness of the past Majdanek Waltz works. It is also thanks to Krol, a young group from Saint Petersburg which is dabbling in something similar to pop music, but with a rather psychedelic flair. In theory such combination may look unusual and the sounds themselves initially only confirm it. Already in the first track, “Saturn”, we have an acid saxophone, funky guitar and motoric rhythms, male and female vocals. On the other hand, the third one from the first seconds sounds like The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble… The EP lasts less than 20 minutes, but it is a very intense time. However, it has to be made clear that even despite this layering of sounds and emotions, the music is quite catchy, mainly thanks to these song-structured pillars characterized by nice melodies and good vocals. And above all, it is an ingenious, often surprising material. While listening to “Saturn” I feel like I was rummaging in a chest found in someone’s attic, but instead of coughing from dust and cobwebs, and having a sense of wasted time, I accidentally open the door to a small, colorful microcosm closed in four wooden walls. And I observe this little world with great curiosity and satisfaction, counting that on the full album it will go beyond this chest, this attic and spread over a vast space.

Krol’ & Majdanek Waltz♄ (Сатурн) [Saturn] EP I
COD Noizes

Digital 2021

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