Crosstalk – Sonic Emissions

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Crosstalk is the project of the UK based Mike Bulmer. In his own words : I aim to push the boundaries of the sonic experience with our music, to take the listener towards a diverse approach to sound.

With this new record published at Church of the Noisy Goat label, he must be getting the attention he deserves. He is no Cold Meat Industry or Loki Foundation fame and he is not ranked among the renewed dark ambient/industrial composers. And this is a fatal flaw because his “Sonic Emissions” will lead you to an unexpected spectacular and rewarding musical experience.

Crosstalk tackles his tracks in a very spacious manner playfully favouring diversity instead of a linear characteristic sound. He makes use of a colourful palette of rhythms and atmospheres attacking his songs with different sound sources and attractive never repeated melodies. We are eventually taken into a most pleasant trip and fed upon beautiful and enigmatic soundscapes. Never touching too hard and soliciting to our ears, this melody comes sweeping over a numbed mind which gets possessed by the movements of each song structures. Strongly shaped, the tracks give proof of the interpreter’s excellent skills and accuracy, a very consistent effort to render harmonic arrangements.  

Mike Bulmer and his project Crosstalk offers on a staggering performance on this album, drones and ambiances, tempos and noises, altogether mysteriously and witty blended as to convey an intense, balanced musical treasure.

CrosstalkSonic Emissions
The Church Of Noisy Goat, tcng271
Digital 2021

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