Ruptured World – Shore Rituals

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

We witness a darkly account told by a Scottish bard. It is the tale of wanderer who descended high peaks and now ponders upon what he founded there close to the skies.  He is walking near the ocean, head down and eyes beholding the imprints in the sand. Water washes away these feeble attachments to memories.  The meeting between water and earth- these elements that forged the human nature before the fire stirred out his its passion- is the point of convergence where the ritual of the album takes place. Ruptured World engages in this epic drama that follows to enlighten the place where man can find its place and meaning.

The author, Alistair Rennie, plays his melodies with refinement and watery décor. “Shore Rituals” is released by the ambient specialised label Cryo Chamber. The music of the project is a pure and tender dark ambient. Ruptured World offers an elegiac singing, an evocative and murky burnished tone, deep stepped in melancholy and forlorn. His take is mostly conservative, in dark-ambient perspective, framing his spectral canvas with the haunting movements of a hearse. Some assorted piano, voices and industrial pluming intensify the register. An aura of reverbing sadness cloaking the tracks reminds me of the elegies called Tristitia, written in exile by the roman poet Ovidius, who often had walked alone the on shores of Pontus Euxin. He had found soothing and answers to his suffering, and lost youth by contemplating the sea and its shifting movements, like one will left behind useless regret and imaginary anxiety when listening to these shore rituals.

Ruptured WorldShore Rituals
Cryo Chamber, Cryo 169
CD/Digital 2021

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