Anti-God Hand – Wretch

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Coming from British-Columbia region from Canada and thus avoiding the reference to Cascadian influences in technique and lyrical approach, Anti-God Hand plays an open-minded extreme metal, at the crossroad death-gothic-black, like in old forgone times. Despite the demo production one can easily follow the lines of tracks and drink along a stout craft bitter beer when listening to the record.

They clearly sing the sad loss of man respect towards the milieu, which happened 100 years ago before post-metal, evoking the feeling through intense hypes of arpeggios played by an inventive guitar-work. Invaded by the mass of hypererogenic clear-cut production, over-hygienic anti-virus mix and mastering, of many albums, in many cases covering the lack of substance, it is hard to get into a brut and blunt music in the way this project does and many did years ago when forest were alive. However they have emotion and strong creativity with a truly desire to   speak about the beauty of their surroundings along with the ecological and anti-alcoholic issues here within. “Wretch” is a worthy album that deserves to be released in proper conditions, in a woody studio, under the sky of an un-polluted earth.

Anti-God HandWretch
American Decline Records, 13 ADEC
MC/Digital 2021

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