[Album Premiere] Cruel Wonders – Clay Vessels

It is with great pleasure we present an exclusive Soundcloud live stream of “Clay Vessels”. It is the second full length album by Cruel Wonders, the Israeli neofolk/post-metal duo of Tamar Singer and Vlad Shusterman. The official premiere date is October 14, 2021. Below the release note:

“As their 2017 debut Gentle Doom slowly grew into something of an underground classic, vocalist Tamar Singer (Zeresh, Autumn Tears, Necromishka) and multi-instrumentalist Vlad Shusterman (Ghost Bike, Sleep’s Sister, Fallen Astronaut) have been busy refining their distinctively emotive take on art metal-inspired dark folk. Adding subtle flourishes of traditional doom and blackgaze into the equation, the duo’s sophomore effort Clay Vessels, based on the biblical Book of Lamentations, is truly apocalyptic in both sound and scope – complete with epic running times and ghostly choirs alongside their trademark soaring guitars, Eastern strings, and heart-wrenching vocals.”


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