Den Sorte Død – Den Sorte Død

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

The vibrating simple notes on “Den Sorte Død” give birth to a heavy mystical flow of a pressure wave in the surrounding air. Almost every song has a particular touch that remains somehow imprinted in the room.

We witness a Swedish project made of two synth interpreters playing the analogue equipment as they were in the power to transform their sensibility into a melodious manifestation of sound.  They are two wizards who shape the air into blocks of gentle resounding melodies by only moving around and triggering a huge alive theremin hidden under the recording studio.

Den Sorte Død chooses discrete scales of pitch and proper duration and sometimes associates scarce percussive devices to allow the song to fly away. Such a genuine synthesis between dungeon synth, electro-acoustic and ambient music determines surprising elements of harmony and they might find even new fields to explore in the future. We have been listening to Robert Rich, Steve Roach, Nordic electronics, but here, there is something different. The fluctuations and dreamy beats on “in the future” are almost mathematical and thus the quality of sound is high.

It is no surprise that the French label Cyclic Law released “Den Sorte Død” on CD and vinyl as well. An audiogram would represent the delicacy and good taste of this record which addresses both heart and intellect.

Den Sorte DødDen Sorte Død
Cyclic Law, 171st Cycle
CD/LP/Digital 2021

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