Рабор – Корни (Roots)

[Reviewed by: stark]

I don’t know the earlier albums by Рабор, but apparently it was a project rooted in dungeon synth style. Yet they abandoned it and good for them, because “Корни” (“Roots”) is a charming piece of Russian neofolk. If you look at the cover and wonder how such a painting would look with a musical illustration, the first song, a fine folk ambient tune, is a more than appropriate answer. It’s one of the examples of when the graphic design fits perfectly to the sound content.

The album pictures various scenes of old Eastern countryside. “Ссыпчина” is lively like a wedding in some XIXth-century village. “Первозимье” reminds of a sunset over an endless field. Covered in snow as the title means “The Beginning Of Winter”. All the colours of all the seasons blend together. The landscapes and people, their laughter and grief, fear and melancholy. And the feeling of absolute detachment from civilization. Most of the compositions are instrumental, the vocals appear only twice I think, so it all triggers your imagination to paint the inner pictures. I have to admit that I find the album more engaging in these more reflective fragments, like “До Вечерней Звезды” (“Until The Evening Star”) with that amazing sea waves sound in the background.

“Корни” didn’t impress me as much as the Knyazhaya Pustyn album I’ve reviewed a couple of weeks ago, nevertheless,but this music for acoustic guitars, some synths and typically folk instruments may give a few moments of joy, relief and escape from the mundane world.

Der Schwarze Tod, tod52; COD noizes, SHUM16
CD/Digital 2018

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