Acrossthevacuum – Beyond

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Acrossthevacuum is perhaps the effigy of a colorist earnestly recomposing the miracle of a shadow approaching the light. They use sounds getting out of distorted guitars endowed with a glamour and a prominence that rise the effect to a poetical scale.

What they infuse by charging arbitrary sounds with vaster radiance is a landscape of interior liberty challenging imagination to stop a moment and let vision enter into the perplexed Beyond. The impulse in driving the notes is strictly interior and it is being materialized in a pursue for shade and light effects. The project – created by Boyan Avramov and Asen Santev, both having a strong presence in the Bulgarian drone-metal-ambient scene-  takes the aquarelle of Swans and brushes it on a canvas by Raison d’etre, a stippling melange that acknowledges a genuine craftsmanship.

Over the course of this remarkable tape released by Mahorka label (in an edition of 50), with cover painting by Osman Yuseinov, the project constantly strives to put up a mystery of the colour of sound. The four tracks (recomposing a quotation: There will always be something misunderstood and sought ), speak (in parallel) of a pointillist musical drama, involving proportions, modulation and lighting pertinent to an ever suggesting development of nuances.

The finale erupts in an incredible cosmic pregnancy awaiting the deliverance of a transfigured offspring (and reminding me of Zoat Aon music).  I hope the project will handle in the future ever more dissolving such forms of music and touch us again with their wings of darkness from beyond.

Mahorka Records
MC/Digital 2021

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