Mansur – Karma

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Mansur comes from Netherlands and gathers musicians from different nations, you get lyrics in Hungarian from the beginning (and, in other songs, emotional violin speaks like from the same root). And the music sweeps through heterogeneous nuances and timbres, which will startle and wonder anyone willing to dive into something particularly original.

Almost an altogether new type of musical language, reclaiming a comforting and mesmerising tonality that bridges Nordic folk, oriental baroque grooves  and ethereal Mediterranean reveries. They use oud, duduk, doublebass and violin, among other peculiar instruments and they seem to have gathered in Netherlands to give birth to a trans-ethnic music all alike fresh and enchanting.

“Karma” takes benefit from a special production, perhaps the merit of the mastering by James Plotkin (Khanate, Sunn O)))…) that nuanced the depth of the songs by applying treatments found in dark ambient or post-metal music. The droning effect along with the electronic beats create a sensation that maintains above the musical arrangements and the songs take life and possession of the place where music is being heard.

Mansur is in fact the child of Jason Kohnen, active in The Killmanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble or Bong-ra among many others. Martina Horvath accompanies by voice and Dimitry El-Demerashi plays an oud. They released “Karma” through this very eclectic label Denovali Records, where you can find exemplary strange projects varying from jazz to electronica.    

Denovali Records, DEN345
CD/LP/Digital 2020

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