Forhist – Forhist

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Many have already discovered this album in the light of Vindsval preceding creations. He might have looked for a simple and clear Black Metal output and his writing achieved a seamless piece of wonder which juxtaposes earlier records. However, Forhist bears an original character that may bring back inadvertently some vivacious traits disclosing a peculiar state of mind of its creator.

The disc captures the nature-worshipping and atmospheric moments of early Black Metal and interjects moments that are definitely modern. The scenario of each song sets up an impressionist and pastoral scene with a strong visual impact that is being elevated by a haunting voice and hymnal choirs. They sweetly remind of epic-drama pieces written by Bathory or Viking tales from Windir in a romantic and dramatic style decorated by the baroque architecture specific to the composing manner of this French Black Metal mentalist.

In the end Forhist rests a harmonically complex and occasionally uncompromising work. The songs are only numbered from I to VIII, letting us to be completely absorbed by the music and leaving descriptions up to reviewers and alcoholic envies.

Debemur Morti, DMP0198
CD/LP/MC/Digital 2021

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