All My Faith Lost… – Untitled

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

In “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man”, James Joyce searches to disclose, in some memorable passages, the substance of beauty in art and other intricate rapports between beauty and truth. He says somewhere that the meaning of the art consist in attempting “to express, from sound and shape and colour, which are the prison gates of our soul, an image of beauty we have come to understand”. The Italian project All My Faith Lost… has been expressing their understanding of beauty through music for more than ten years now. Those who have been following their evolution know what to expect and will be once again conquered by their music, which is now obviously more refined than in the past.

The melodies contained by the album communicate with the listener on a very personal level and offer the meaning of an experience. This sort of autobiographical music (although they based the songs on certain paintings) will please as a novel which traces the life of the author and we are most likely to identify with the character and feel his emotions as they were ours. You will hear classical instruments delicately arranged so as to create expressive and attractive melodies in a sad whispering tone. This music that portrays a certain personal movement of the soul, an incidental meeting with the inner self made possible by the touching melody, will reignite lost emotions for some and reclaim the barren innocence of existence for others. The music wipes out like a wave the sands of regret and nostalgia and opens up the heart for the assail of pure emotion.

The record is out at Cyclic Law on CD and vinyl and is already present in the library of many musical lovers.

All My Faith Lost…Untitled
Cyclic Law, 173rd Cycle
CD/LP/Digital 2021

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