Kammarheit – Thronal

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

A sensual dissonance enshrouds each one of the distressful songs of Thronal. The decline installs deep inside the heart of the faint melodies, a sort of spiritual crumbling of an expression which miraculously attained the peak of its diffusion and now has to collapse and never exist again.

These are the lone hours of the spirit, moments when the contemplative soul glimpses the death of the flesh and absorbs, as the burst of a bleak illumination, the rooting and decay of centuries in an instant. A terrible adherence to reality at its height of disillusionment encounters the complete abandonment to dream, the final frontier that announces perdition as the new dreamt existence.

Kammarheit, the child of Par Böstrom from Sweden, comes back after several years of silence with another sublime Nachtlied, conjuring the gloomy aesthetics of a certain poetry as represented by the expressionist Georg Trakl, with its oppressive lyrical paintings articulating the sense of solitude and neglect.

Thronal creates an alternative language in dark ambient, heavily distortion of otherwise subtly soothing ambiances that are buried into a mould of dust and mud letting to transpire only a fainting but majestic echo to our hearing.  The eight tracks on Thronal compose an unique dramatic tapestry which will remain there to call up the oblivion one seeks.

Cyclic Law, 169th Cycle
CD/LP/Digital 2021

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