Hilyard – Division Cycle

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Hilyard is  a cinematic-ambient composer of a keen melodious sense. Minimal in approach. His fluent phrase flows bracingly through different meadows changing in colour and shapes by the power of some rather timid but delicate arrangements. His songs refuse turbulent outbursts and lie solely on slow transformations of quite similar motifs.

Division Cycle is a detuned spectral sequencing of sensitive melodies taking life at the proximity of a beach with stagnant waters. Movement seems to derive from the memory of elements, stones and sand, in such a way as to touch the harmony of these tracks.

The composer attained what he described on another record as “an ode to acceptance and inner stillness”. Bryan Hilyard comes from Maine, U.S. and has been taken into the Cryo Chamber reclusion camp, a soothing meeting place for such distinct musicians.

HilyardDivision Cycle
Cryo Chamber, CRYO167
CD/Digital 2021

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