Deison/Maurizio Bianchi – White Landscapes

[Reviewed by: stark]

“White Landscape” shows a brighter and more delicate side of both musicians, who most of the time are associated with the experimental, often harsh spectrum of sounds. They both are extremely experienced, active since the eighties (Maurizio Bianchi) and nineties (Deison) and this is their second collaboration after “Black Panorama” from 2015.

They consider it as a search of light after “having spent an imaginary lobotomized hibernation in the darkest bush”. Indeed, this music sometimes is like a luminescent glow. Soothing and oneiric, reminding me sometimes of “Secluded Truths” also by Maurizio Bianchi accompanied by Nimh (one of my favorite albums ever).

These are four long pieces proving that music is probably the only medium through which you are able to move actively into the realm of no man, no civilization nor nature. It is a shapeless void, an emptiness, but strangely enough without any negative, pitch-black connotations. It is tempting you to enter into it and dissolve. On the other hand, I bet that for more sensitive listeners it may be an effective dream inducer while playing it at night.

To be honest, this is the music which will easily absorb you (of course if you’re susceptible for this kind of sounds), but difficult to write about. All tracks on “White Landscape” are built upon slowly morphing atmospheric drones and they differ only in nuances. Which is good because throughout all 45 minutes you’re in a delightful state of catatonia, not disturbed by a single unexpected moment. But above all this is music to experience, not to read about.

Deison/Maurizio BianchiWhite Landscapes
Final Muzik, FMSSD04
CD/Digital 2021

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