Blokowisko – Płonie

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

This polish duo addresses an engaged audience which tries to extract a social message from the music. Although  Polish language is not at hand for most of us, the vocalist delivers a persuasive speech over the melody and intrigues us in looking further about the projects ideas.

Blokowisko has its roots in the post-punk territory, albeit the compositions look greatly like music that is being sung during literary cenacles. Ex-communist countries developed a tradition for a certain poetical folk-rock which was tolerated by the authorities of these dictatorial regimes. “Płonie” seems to prolong this kind of attitude and reconfigures the allegorical revolt to the present times.

With great care for melody, Blokowisko paints a very suggestive music moving naturally through a rich panoply of genres, ambient, classical, post-rock and carrying along the listener into a profound lecture of their poetry.  “Płonie” is never boring and each of the six tracks offers a different atmosphere. These two guys from Warsaw are quite prolific and besides Blokowisko they release different music under Vysoke Celo, space-folk electronic and Spopielony, dungeon-synth, which I personally checked on Bandcamp and enjoyed as an original and attractive music.

Płonie is released by the polish label Requiem Records.


Requiem Records, 197/2020

CD 2020

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