RNGMNN – False Dawn

[Reviewed by stark]

RNGMNN is a project of Ronny Engmann (I always admire the creativity in making up the project’s names). He released several albums in various labels over the years and I’ve always considered him as quite a solid craftsman of the dark ambient matter, yet I would lie saying that any of these releases has left a significnt mark in my heart. This may change with “False Dawn”, because with this one it seems that everything works properly.

The cover heralds the atmosphere in quite a suggestive way. It shows a lighthouse covered in clouds. I’m not sure if there is a lighthouse anywhere on the Earth where such atmospheric conditions would be possible, but let’s leave it. Important thing is that it looks really cool (in both meanings of that word).

Such lighthouse can actually be an appropriate symbol for such an album. Imagine the remote island, cold and windy, “bleak and empty” as one of the titles says. And you as a keeper, isolated, with nothing to do except for keeping the object in good condition, reading and… nothing much else. You’re infinitely bored to the point when you started to talk to seagulls as if they’re you’re best friends (actually they are when you think about it). The grey sky and the absence of sunlight makes you go mad. The description of the album refers to “ice cold, polar dark ambience”, but to be honest it doesn’t fit me one hundred percent. When it comes to Arctic moods, I prefer even more isolated approach in the vein of Thomas Köner or Sleep Research Facility. But this shouldn’t be treated pejoratively – simply for me too much is happening on “False Dawn” to treat this album as an illustration of endless white landscapes. You get deep drones, but apart of that a lot of swirling sounds, reverbed drums so that the vibe of an island where you can’t find a single spot which is not whipped by a strong wind. And you are slowly going insane, and when after several months your replacement arrives, they find nothing but a dirty, screaming lunatic.

Of course the album may arise a different impressions in your head, but even when it happens I suppose you’ll at least agree with me that purely artistic value of “False Dawn” is undeniable.

RNGMNNFalse Dawn

Winter-Light, WIN 035

CD/Digital 2021

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