Pedro Maras – Tipping Point

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Mr. Maras offers various signs and tokens to lighten up on the road a pleasant music and a soothing ideographic servant to our lone moments of isolation. His music exposes an imposition of artful choreographic means to approach the tipping point, “an irreversible change in the climate system”.

Here the perspective pursues the sad auguries that question the rationality of men projecting his future. One can no longer distinguish anxiety from sad tunes that conciliate the fever and the pleasure of melody in the ear.

The tracks are domestic ambiances, each one bearing mouldering tapestries of dreamy compartments framed by the mind. He merges synth-generated noises and heavily treated field recordings with melodious key-driven passages and provides an enduring soundtrack for a dystopian movie. Mahorka Records has released “Tipping Point” on a limited edition cassette with an explanatory narration in the booklet.

The painter of sounds, notwithstanding his skills, gives us the full passion of authority. We receive no answer, still Pedro Maras is engaged in making visible these climate changes through sounds. And he does in a way that overcomes ideas through an abstract display of the sounds in this tragic picture of our future earth.

Pedro Maras – Tipping Point


MC/Digital 2020

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