4T Thieves ‎– Hauntology

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

For a veteran ambient music looker, this knowledge of the haunting should accommodate to the gifted disposition of simplicity. In the course of few minutes the listener dives in remarkably peculiar soft threads of melody that embarks the mind into an effortless mesmerizing state of dreaming.

Amused and at once instructed to bliss entertainment, “Hauntology” honours spiritual engagements transmitted in a delicate mother-like manner by nursing the heart of the dreamer with the light milk of childhood melancholy. So soon as this kind of music gets into your nerves, distraction loses its weight, words become invalid and you regain in their absence the fluency of a cherished worder.

4T Thieves makes a hospitality music and invites our sensibility to a gentle feats of recognition in each of the 13 songs. Deficiencies pass and escape the grim notice of the observer, because this melody attempts to get the lighter façade of objects and thoughts to overcome their inner darkness.

The record imposes a wonderful delicacy with gloomy acoustics and lovely percussions akin to a kaleidoscopic show triggered by a mindlessness voyage. 4T Thieves covers the name of a Finnish electronic wizard with many albums already presented under the banner of his own label bearing the same name. This time Mahorka, the Bulgarian label we have presented here in few occasions, released “Hauntology” on a digipack with a gracious artwork that covers distinctly the atmosphere of the record, a real marriage between music and image.  Be ready to discover another excellent artist proposed by Mahorka Records.

4T Thieves ‎– Hauntology

Mahorka, mhrk227

CD/Digital 2019

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